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Whether you are based in hospitality, retail, high-end car dealerships, or any kind of office environment, our carefully crafted scents are perfect for creating a unique and relaxing atmosphere in any business setting.

Hydur UK Diffuser Scent Marketing

The science behind scent marketing

Scent marketing can help you to capture a specific tone that customers can associate with your business.

Reflect your brand with fragrance

The scent you choose to fill your workspace needs to serve as a representation of your brand, its values and its identity. The aim being that customers will create a link between the fragrance and your business.

Here at Hydur, we work with brands to identify their philosophies and goals so we can create the perfect sensory message for their desired target audience.

Once we’ve learned enough about a business and the values it wants to convey, we’ll create a unique fragrance that represents exactly what it stands for.

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Fragrance and emotion

Our brains contain more than 400 different olfactory receptors which we use to detect different scents and odours. As a result, we’re easily able to distinguish between 10,000 different smells.

Scent marketing is utilised to create specific emotional responses within each respective customer. Fragrance can significantly improve a customers experience with your business, and create a distinct association between your brand and the appealing aromas within it.

Hydur tech

Our cold air diffusion technology dispels our luxury fragrances in the form of a dry micro-mist, which is specifically designed to spread scents without compromising the integrity of the blend.

As it’s a dry mist, you won’t experience any of the harsh undertones you’d normally find in chemical- based mists, and the natural oils will maintain their scent throughout the entire diffusion process.

Cold-Air Diffusion Technology

How scent can help your business

Boost Your Revenue - Hydur UK Diffuser Marketing Benefits

Increase sales

How scent can help your business Pleasant fragrances can persuade shoppers to increase the time they spend in your premises by up to 44%.

Leave a Lasting Impression - Hydur UK Diffuser Marketing Benefits

Leave a lasting impression

Customers will associate your brand with a delightful sensory memory, increasing the likelihood that they’ll return.

Boost Productivity - Hydur UK Diffuser Marketing Benefits

Boost productivity

Energising scents lead to an energised workforce, and can help to increase focus, mood and productivity.