Cold-Air Diffusion

All of our exclusive cold-air diffusers are specifically designed to dispel scented nanoparticles into the air, without leaving behind any kind of residue.

Cold-Air Diffusers at Hydur UK

Our Hydur scent diffusers only use meticulously sourced oils and filtered air from wherever you choose to place them.

Our unique form of cold air diffusion provides you with all the benefits of a heat-based dilution system, while preserving the integrity of the oil to deliver a pristine fragrance to your home or business.

We have a range of technologically advanced scenting machines, as well as a plethora of naturally curated oils crafted by master perfumers from some of the most prestigious perfume houses in Italy. These perfumers are awarded this title by the IFF (International Flavours & Fragrances) as recognition for their experience and talent in perfume making.

As a result, we know that our scents are bound to deliver a memorable fragrance experience.

Know How Cold-Air Diffusion Works

How Cold-Air Diffusion Works

Once our scenting oil has been diffused through nebulisation (the breaking down of the oil into fine mist), it’s dispelled into the air through the core of the diffuser using air that’s taken from the surrounding environment.

The internal air filtration system ensures that no dust or small particles come into contact with the oil as it diffuses, leaving you with a beautiful, unhindered scent.

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Benefits Of Cold-Air Diffusion

Safest and Cleanest Method - Cold-Air Diffusion Benefits

By far the safest and cleanest method of scent diffusion.

Preserves Therapeutic Properties of Scenting Oil - Cold-Air Diffusion Benefits

Preserves the therapeutic properties of the scenting oil

Requires Less Oil - Cold-Air Diffusion Benefits

Requires less oil than traditional heat-based fragrance diffusers.

Cold-Air Diffusion Benefits

By far the safest and cleanest method of scent diffusion.

Cold-Air Diffusion Safety

Here at Hydur, we work closely alongside the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) to ensure that all of our scenting oils meet the internationally recognised standards expected for consumer and environmental safety.

We only use 100% carefully sourced ingredients in the crafting of our luxurious selection of scenting oils to ensure that all of our products are safe and sustainable.

Our scenting oils adhere to a strict standard when it comes to industry inhalation and diffusion rates to ensure our scent diffusers are completely safe to use in any business or home setting.

Hydur UK Cold-Air Diffusion Safe and Sustainable