Our Story

Here at Hydur, our brand has been built on a combination of hard work, common values, and a firm commitment to delivering bespoke and reliable services to our clients. We originally started in Bahrain as a distinctive, high-end, contemporary tailoring and styling service, and expanded into bespoke perfume and oil creation in the latter part of 2019. From there, the Hydur that you know today was born.


Our mission

We believe in providing a quintessential scenting experience that enhances spaces and creating unique atmospheres for homes and businesses while providing them with a real sense of individuality and personalisation.

By offering tantalising aromas created by our diffusers, we strive to personalise the sensory journey, leaving a lasting and meaningful impression thus forging deeper connections with our valued customers.

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High-Quality Fragrances Available at Hydur UK

Our values

Individuality and creativity are at the heart of everything we do at Hydur. We’re a conscientious brand that values hard work, innovation, and distinction above all else, and we reflect these values in the products we create.

We’re 100% committed to supplying high-quality fragrances using safe ingredients - sourcing all of our materials from responsible manufacturers - which are dispelled safely using our unique scent diffusion technology.

We’re also very keen to do our part to protect the planet, which is why we’re careful to minimise wastage across every aspect of our business.

Our technology

We specialise in cold-air diffusion technology here at Hydur, as it’s the safest, healthiest, and longest lasting method of scent diffusion. They produce highly concentrated scents which can last for hours in both small and large spaces.

Our diffusers feature a nebuliser that disperses an extremely fine vapour (a micro-mist) of atomised particles throughout a space in a quick and efficient manner. Our products exemplify the forefront of scent diffusion technology, and are designed to help you make a personal scent statement, whether that’s at home or in the office.

Cold-Air Diffusion Technology