Troubleshooting - Grand Dif

When switched on, the diffuser is not working.
Potential issue: Power connection
  • Check if the power is on or off.
  • Check that the adaptor is securely plugged into the wall socket or power supply.
  • Check if there is essential oil inside the bottle.
There is no mist or less mist is coming out of the diffuser.
Potential issue: Atomizer head is blocked
  • Check for the essential oil build up on the ultrasonic plate. In case there is a buildup, follow the cleaning instructions.
  • Check if there is sufficient oil, if not refill and restart.
  • Check if the device is in rest mode or paused.
If it still does not work, contact our Support team.
The oil is leaking.
Potential Issue: Diffuser lid is displaced, the diffuser is tilted
  • Check that the diffuser lid is screwed properly to the bottle and attached on the case.
  • Make sure that the diffuser is set on a hard, flat surface.
The diffuser is creating a loud and unusual noise.
Potential issue: Pump is loose
  • Check if all the parts are attached properly. If the issue still persists, contact our Support team.