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Unlock the Power of Scent with HYDUR Business

At HYDUR, we collaborate with brands to uncover their core philosophies and goals, crafting the perfect sensory message for their target audience. By understanding your business and the values you wish to convey, we create a unique fragrance that encapsulates your brand's essence.

Ready to transform your brand's identity through scent? Contact us today to get started on creating your signature fragrance.

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For Business

  • Increase Sales

    Pleasant fragrances can persuade shoppers to increase the time they spend in your premises by up to 44%

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    Memorable Experience

    Customers will associate your brand with a delightful sensory memory, increasing the likelihood that they'll return.

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    Boost Productivity

    Energising scents lead to an energised workforce, and can increase focus, mood and productivity.

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HYDUR for Business

The fragrance you select for your workplace is more than just a pleasant aroma; it's a powerful representation of your brands values and identity. By creating an inviting scent ambiance, you ensure that customers associate their experience and interaction with the unique essence your business embodies.

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The Science Behind Scent Marketing

Our brains are equipped with over 400 olfactory receptors enabling us to detect a vast array of scents and odors. This remarkable ability allows us to distinguish between approximately 10,000 different smells.

Scent marketing leverages this capability to evoke specific emotional responses in your customers. By integrating carefully chosen fragrances, you can significantly enhance the customer experience and create a strong, memorable association between your brand and its captivating aromas.

Ready to transform your brand's identity through scent?

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