Our Ultra Tower Max elevates the experience of scenting and aromatherapy in various settings such as homes, offices, retail spaces, and commercial establishments. It boasts a sleek and powerful design, capable of diffusing fragrances across an impressive area of up to 830 square meters. By doing so, it creates a delightful and calming atmosphere wherever it is placed.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our advanced scent diffuser uses nebulization and patented ultrasonic technology. This modern approach offers several benefits over traditional methods like Bakhoor, Candles, and Incense. Notably, our diffuser operates without the need for heat or water. Instead, it breaks down scented oils into ultra dry nanoparticles, dispersing them into the air. As a result, every room in your home, office, or shop is filled with natural and pleasant aromas.

The Ultra Tower Max provides a customizable experience to suit your preferences. It includes an adjustable scent intensity setting, allowing you to control the strength of the fragrance. Additionally, our dedicated Hydur Scenting Bluetooth Mobile Application enables you to schedule scent diffusion according to your preferred time and day. With ample storage for scenting oil, the Ultra Tower Max can diffuse fragrances for extended periods before requiring a refill.


  • Home
  • Retail
  • Work
  • Large Space

Key Features

  • 1000 ml Oil Capacity
  • Bluetooth App
  • Up to 830 sqm Coverage
  • Adjustable Scenting Schedule

General Features

  • 1000 ml oil capacity
  • Diffuses 100% essential or scenting oil
  • Adjustable scenting schedules and intensity
  • Controlled via Hydur Scenting bluetooth mobile app
  • Safe lock design
  • No water required
  • No complex settings
  • Low to no noise


  • Dimension: (H) 664 mm x (W) 152 mm x (D) 150 mm
  • Net Weight: 7.18 kgs
  • Gross Weight: 7.85 kgs
  • Coverage: Up to 830m /2500m/88000ft
  • Power: 10 w
  • Input Voltage: DC12v
  • Oil Consumption: 0.30 ml ‚ 3.70 ml per hour

How Nebulisations Works

The Ultra Tower Max nebulisation technology uses the Bernoulli principle, a theorem of fluid dynamic wherein as the speed of moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. It atomises and forces the breakdown of the scenting oil into ultra dry nano-particles, diffusing it into the air, by high velocity air pressure. Unlike ultrasonic diffuser, the Ultra Tower Max does not require water or heat to enjoy the scent. It releases a more potent vapor since it diffuses oil without the need of dilution, thus creating a more intense and lingering aromatic experience. It also has scent intensity controls that allow you to determine the amount of essential oil being released into the air.


  • No water or heat required
  • Disperses scenting oil quickly and effectively
  • Does not leave any residue or clean-up
  • Enhanced Aromatherapy

  • Pure Scent Experience

  • Stronger Scent Intensity

  • Customizable Fragrance Intensity

  • Faster Diffusion

  • Safe and Efficient:

  • Versatile Placement Option

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