How to use Grand Dif

How to Operate

Power On/Off
Press the power button to turn on/off the device and wait for the beep.

Adjust Intensity Setting

Increase/decrease the scent intensity as desired between 1-4 levels.

  • Intensity 1 -    
  • Intensity 2 -    
  • Intensity 3 -    
  • Intensity 4 -    

How to Use

  1. Pull the diffuser lid. 
  2. Unscrew bottle to detach from the diffuser lid and fill with essential oil.
  3. Reattach the bottle to the atomizer.
  4. Place the diffuser lid back onto the case and press down, making sure that the diffuser lid and case is properly secured.
  5. Press the On/Off button to switch the diffuser on.
  6. Adjust the intensity level using the power button.